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It is my privilege and honor to have met and worked with such a
successful professional, Sharon Farinholt. Sharon is an extremely
effective leader with unmatched energy and enthusiasm. She is
innovative, has a deep desire to learn new skills and is a successful
entrepreneur and an outstanding colleague. Sharon also believes in
making her community the best community it can be and devotes
extensive time and energy to accomplish this goal.


Dr. Cheryl Thompson-Stacy
President Emeritus
Laurel Ridge Community College

As one of Sharon Farinholt’s cheerleaders, along her roads to
success as an entrepreneur, I have witnessed her dedication, determination,
and agility as a business owner and community servant.
The learned lessons shared in her new book, The Marathon of
Running A Business, are vibrant reflections of business building
weaved together with her personal passion as a runner.
Sharon shares keys to success like preparation, training,
dedication, collaboration, continued development, creating key
partnerships, and teamwork. What I especially love is the authenticity
in her writing.
Take a run alongside her, especially if you are thinking of starting
a business, or want to refresh yours. I am confident it will help
keep you on course to your personal best.


Cynthia Schneider
The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber

Having known Sharon the majority of my life has been a true
privilege. Watching her grow in each phase of her life has been
a lesson in both perseverance and determination. Sharon has
never let anything stop her when it comes to getting what she
wants. She became a successful entrepreneur by depending
on her own passion to prevail. Failure has never been in her
vocabulary. Her capacity to give to others and be their helping
hand is why so many were there to cheer her onto her own
victories. Whether it was one of her many marathons, or one of
her business ventures, Sharon has always had her own personal
cheering section rooting for her to make it to the finish line. She
uses the same tools in business as she does in all other aspects of
her life and that is how she created the successes she so greatly


Ruth Ann Jewell
Life Long Friend

Looking for a quick read that will

help you break through the fears
and excuses that are holding you back from achieving your goals?
Here it is. Sharon Farinholt has a

talent for focusing on the most
important steps to success, developing a strategic plan to achieve
her goals and taking consistent action to make it happen. As a wife,
mother of 7, marathon runner, business owner and entrepreneur,
Sharon has discovered effective strategies for success in business
and in life. She shares those strategies here.

Suzette Neff, Broker ERA OakCrest Realty

An engaging and inspiring story

that will motivate you to follow

your dreams and help shatter the fear of taking risks.”

Jay W. Foreman, Best-selling author

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