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Sideline Cheerleaders

I am still in disbelief. My first book signing as a published author took place this past Saturday, 1/28/23. What a great event it was! Many friends stopped by to purchase a book and to offer support and others, who I have never met, stopped by to pick up a signed copy. These are my cheerleaders. They are happy for my accomplishments and want to support me as an author, entrepreneur, and a friend. Many of these people are the same people that I see supporting others in our community. These are the people who delight in your success.

Who are the people in your life that want to help you be a better version of yourself? There are many people who cross our paths that take pleasure in watching others succeed, and some whose pleasure comes from watching people fail. Those who will collaborate and celebrate your wins with you are your sideline cheerleaders. These are the people that I take great pleasure in spending time with. Saturday was an opportunity to celebrate my "win" of reaching a goal, with many supportive people in my community. Helping one another reach a goal is part of a bigger win. Through collaboration and by embracing the successes of one another, we make our community a better place for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Solenberger's True Hardware Saturday to be a part of my book launch. I hope you enjoy my book and that it offers you inspiration to set goals and to continue toward the road to success. Let me know how I may help you!

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