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It's a Mindset

The eyes say it all. Focus and Determination, the goal is in sight. The eyes share so much about a person. Joy, fear, hope, defeat, love and so many other emotions can be seen just by looking deep into someone's eyes. The eyes in this picture show determination. The finish is in sight! One foot in front of the other, the goal is within reach.

The release of my first published book is in sight! If you could see my eyes now, you would see eyes much like the ones in this photo as I focus on the final tasks needed before my book is published. It's close to being printed and ready for distribution all over the world.

Setting goals and achieving them is a mindset. The fear of not reaching a goal is often enough to stop someone from taking the first step to making a dream a reality. Writing this book has been a dream of mine for several years. January 1st, 2022 I set a goal to publish my first book by the end of the year. I'm excited to announce the launch of "The Marathon of Running a Business" which should be ready to pre-order within the next few weeks!

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