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New Year, New Word

January 1, 2022 began the start of a new tradition. Instead of making a New Year Resolution, that surely is to be broken by February 1, I chose a word for the year. I had a sign made with the word "Intentional" and hung it on my office wall. It reminded me to be intentional in all that I do. Having it on my office wall was a daily reminder of my word of the year.

January 1, 2023 I chose a new word. Once again, I had a sign made and this time I hung it over my chosen word from last year. I don't want to forget to be intentional this year. I'm hoping the habits I formed from this last year will now carry over to 2023 and the

years still to come. The word I chose this year is "Present." My sign says "Be Present" as that is my "intention" for this year.

Our days are filled with more distractions than ever it seems. I often find myself carrying on a conversation in front of someone while texting someone else. How can I really be present if I'm not fully listening to what is being said to me face to face? In my line of business, my phone is my "office". With the ability to do so much from my phone, I can easily multi-task. Am I serving everyone fully, my clients, my family, my friends, if I am multi-tasking?

Staying focused and engaged is an opportunity to enjoy the "present" moment while being "present" in the moment. Being present also means embracing the difficult moments and finding peace during those times. To be present is a gift to you and to those around you.

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