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Meet Willa Power

Anyone who has contemplated being in business, or has been in business, understands the fear that goes with that decision. Everyday is a commitment to do what is necessary to start or stay in business. It takes a positive mindset, a strong commitment and willpower to stick to the habits that are needed for success. When trying to achieve an objective, one of the biggest obstacles that can get in the way is a lack of willpower. The will to complete a task or to reach a goal is probably the biggest driving force behind reaching it. Why do we procrastinate? For many, the fear of rejection and failure makes it easier to walk away from the task or goal, than to do the work needed to complete it. Setting small, achievable goals can help you practice willpower which in turn will help you accomplish reaching them.

I am a visual person. When I am working towards a goal, I visualize willpower helping me overcome the temptations that may seem more enticing than finishing the work needed. Meet Willa Power. This is who helps me stay on task, when I would rather procrastinate. Willa Power is my superpower that guides me towards success! When temptations or fear of failure turn me away from what I need to do, Willa Power directs me towards what is needed. Willa Power reminds me that by sticking to my objective, I will reach my goal.

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