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Inspiration from a Sunrise

It's there every morning, right on schedule. Another day with another sunrise. Some sunrises are filled with bright color that nearly blind you when you look into the horizon. Other days are cloudy and grey and the sunrise isn't able to be seen so clearly, but it is daylight and we know the sun is hiding behind those clouds somewhere. Everyday, 7 days a week, we are given a new day. How we embrace each day is up to us and our mindset. Personally, there are some days when I feel like the rainy day sunrise and I want to hide behind the clouds and not be seen by people. Other days I wake and am ready to take on the day, much like the brilliant sunlight that seems to welcome us with it's encouragement to start the day. The sunrise is a natural routine, a gift from God. Our day should begin with a routine that is as natural as the sun rising. It should be something that your body and mind come to expect each day that helps you take on the day and everything it offers. I look out this morning to a magnificent orange glow in the horizon. The temperatures are below freezing. Seeing the beautiful canvas before me helps me get out of bed, put on my running clothes, and embrace the blast of cold air that will help bring life to my sleepy muscles.

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